IREM SF focuses on community outreach




City Hall, San Francisco, CA – On Wednesday, January 31st IREM SF Bay Area Chapter 21 2018 President Richard Lee of Cushman and Wakefield, President-Elect Emily Mehta of Rockhill Management Co and Board of Directors member Mather Eldred of GLL Real Estate Partners met with Deputy Director Nicole J. Agbayani of the City & County of San Francisco Office of the Assessor-Recorder. The meeting took place as a part of the chapter’s strategic plan as a way towards attracting and retaining new talented and creative leaders by way of new channels of information and influence.

President Richard Lee feels that Assessor’s Office of San Francisco and other like offices around the Bay Area represent un-turned stones for the opportunity to expand the presence of IREM for the benefit of its membership. The goal of the meeting for President Lee was to introduce the Assessor’s office to IREM and promote mutually beneficial opportunities for collaboration for the two organizations in 2018 and beyond. The meeting also was a way to explore opportunities for Assessor Chu to speak to the membership of IREM SF Bay Area Chapter 21 about our work and progress at the Assessor’s Office.

The meeting between the Office of the Assessor-Recorder and IREM SF BAY AREA CHAPTER 21 is just another example of the enhanced focus on community outreach on behalf of Assessor Carmen Chu and a step in the right direction towards a strategic vision of expanded awareness of IREM outside its current membership base.


“IREM Chapter 21 and all of our members are so appreciative of the SF Assessor’s Office and all of their ongoing efforts for transparency and community involvement and we are grateful for the opportunity to establish a regular dialogue going forward,” says IREM SF Bay Area Chapter President Richard Lee. “The Assessor’s Office was not even aware of IREM and the role its membership of professionals have in all types of real estate. The assessors’ offices of the municipalities our membership operate in have a direct impact on the properties we manage and the owners and tenants we serve. It only makes sense that the City & County of San Francisco Office of the Assessor-Recorder be familiar with IREM as a resource and these channels of communication be open.  It will be very beneficial to have the Assessor’s Office involved in future chapter events. This is especially true because as this Chapter will be in a perfect position to provide top notch educational opportunities to the hard working individuals serving our industry sector. “

Assessor Chu’s Office of the Assessor- Recorder are currently promoting The Office of the Assessor-Recorder’ Family Wealth Forum in March 2018. For more information on the Family Wealth Forum, please visit Also, to ensure a wide range of experts are available, the Assessor’s Office is working with The Bar Association of San Francisco, the Financial Planning Association of San Francisco and California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA) to recruit volunteer counsellors. If there is further interest in this event as an attendee or volunteer please contact Deputy Director Nicole J. Agbayani at

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of IREM is very excited to announce and promote this burgeoning relationship with the San Francisco Assessor’s Office that will provide many beneficial resources for our network of CPM’, ARM’s and AMO’s in 2018 and the future.



2018 President's Message

I’m excited and honored to lead the IREM San Francisco Bay Area Chapter this year.  Ask me “Why?”

We have an exciting year building off of the chapter’s 2017 Strategic Plan following sweeping changes from prior years. With a new “infrastructure” securely in place we can begin a new journey beyond 2020. This new “infrastructure” shall pave the way towards attracting and retaining new talented and creative leaders with vision, creativity and energy.  Also, did you notice the new logo?  

Did you know our chapter membership consists of members who reside and work in at least 12 Northern California counties?  That is extensive coverage- several hundred miles if you were to take a road trip.

Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, Marin, Santa Cruz*, San Benito* and Monterey Counties*.

* Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey Counties are not shown on the map

Yes, we’re working on hosting events and activities in select cities throughout our territory this year which is our way of keeping in touch.

As a volunteer on the board and/or committees, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside many past leaders, therefore feel well-groomed to lead the chapter this year.  Thank you Past Presidents for your wisdom and giving me this opportunity to serve with you.   

The multi-family sector of our industry will be grabbing more attention as this Chapter will be in a perfect position to provide top notch educational opportunities to the hard working individuals serving this industry sector.  The path to the ARM ® designation is fulfilling and worth the investment.  After all, the clients, community, tenants and owners are the beneficiaries.

How about CPM Candidates?  This chapter has about 75 today and hoping to see this number increase.  Some of them are obtaining their designation soon while some are in their early stages of the process.  Nevertheless, guidance is available and any CPM can “Become a CPM Mentor”. Visit

We are also contemplating on hosting an extraordinary event soon - A CPM Informational “Road Show” presented by an IREM HQ member over a (2) hour breakfast Q & A session on why and how to obtain the credential.   

Why am I excited?  

All of the above is refreshingly new and beneficial for the members, which tells me we are investing in the right cause at the right time.

Let’s have fun and keep in touch!

Richard Lee, CPM®
IREM San Francisco Bay Area President