Chapter volunteers are the heart and soul of our association, and committees make things happen!
Please help us organize and conduct the type of events and services you want and need.

ARM Committee: Promote the ARM® designation in the industry and throughout the community through educational programs and community involvement. 

Communications Committee: Provides input and content for the chapter’s communications tools, including the web site and e-newsletter. Explores and develops alternative communications tools like Linked In, Twitter and Facebook. 

Diversity Committee: Explores ways to encourage diversity among chapter members.

Education/Scholarship Committee: Offers a comprehensive educational program for the Chapter's membership and the general public. Distributes scholarships to worthy Chapter candidates. 

Friends of IREM: Solicits potential vendors to participate in Friends program. The Committee will also monitor the quality of the program. 

Golf Tournament Committee: Hold a successful Golf Tournament annually. 

Greeting Committee: Greets new members, new candidates and guests at luncheon meetings. 

Income & Expense Committee: Help solicit submissions to the Income & Expense program. Answer questions from members and help with filling out the forms. 

Legislative Committee
: Emphasize political awareness and member participation in governmental affairs. Organizes Capitol Hill visits and serves as liaison to to the California Business Properties Association.

Membership Committee: Coordinate with IREM National to interview applicants for candidacy, reporting back to IREM National. Conduct all membership interviews including documentation and paperwork through proper channels. 

Mentoring Committee: Mentors provide advice and guidance to CPM and ARM Candidates. 

Programs/Seminars Committee: Present six monthly meetings/programs of interest for our members and guests. Organizes workshops in conjunction with meetings, and ancillary activities in outlying areas. 

Public Relations/Marketing Committee:
 The primary responsibility of the Public Relations Committee is to make the community more aware of IREM and the CPM®, AMO®, and ARM® designations through marketing efforts. 

Student Outreach Committee: works with colleges and universities to promote management careers and encourage student and academic membership.

Young IREM Professionals (YIP) Committee: Promotes IREM and its educational courses to new individuals to the business, as well as younger individuals. Help plan events that create a fun environment for both of these groups to network and socialize.